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Tour in Vietnam – Da Lat – Slingshot

Eckdaten der Tour

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Distanz 23.6 km
Trails 15 km
Steigung 474 Hm
Maximale Höhe 1617 m
Landschaft 3 / 5
Schwierigkeit 2 / 5
Laufpassage -
Dauer 05:59:41 h
Geschwindigkeit Ø 3.9 km/h

Meine Kurzbeschreibung der Tour (von GPSies)

The tour starts on a dirty road which you share with some motorbike drivers. But soon you'll be on singletrails all along. The trails are mostly flowy, not too difficult with some short root passages.

The highlight of the tour is a view on a 10m waterfall, where you could also swim and where you'll have lunch (bread, cheese, fruits, ham, tomatoes, ...)

After that you'll head back on a slightly different path, which was very muddy as we just got some rain during the tour.

 The tour has been organized byhttp://www.phattireventures.com

Meine Eindrücke der Tour (von Trainingstagebuch)

On tour with the vietnamese chicken team ;)

It was very muddy at the end with the rain we got.

All in all a nice tour, not too difficult with same stream crossings. You'll have wet shoes ;)

Bilder zur Tour (von Picasa)